Financial institutions are facing many challenges in achieving growth and profitability, lowering costs, improving operational efficiencies, driving digital transformation, and ensuring risk and regulatory compliance. Accordo is prepared to assess and respond to all these areas and partner with firms to drive business strategy and priorities.

Electronic Trading

Traditional electronic trading systems operators as well as blockchain-based ICO’s and exchanges are facing heightened regulatory, technological and operational challenges. Our advisors will help manage these challenges and drive competitive advantage through technology adoption.


We help our clients achieve differentiated capabilities through process automation and streamlined operations. Our advisory services will help facilitate transformation, leveraging digital strategies and technologies that support company revenue and profitability goals.

Financial Crimes

Our practice provides a holistic and integrated approach to navigating financial crimes. The areas that collectively form this practice are Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Sanctions Screening, Know Your Client (KYC), Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD), Fraud Detection and Prevention and Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABC).


Our team of experts will help establish a comprehensive cybersecurity and risk management program to enable your organization to identify and protect critical assets, detect threats, manage cyber risks and respond to incidents with minimal business disruption.

Regulatory Compliance

Our regulatory compliance professionals will help develop integrated risk strategies and frameworks and advise on the impact of emerging regulations on the strategic direction, business model and compliance/ risk management processes and systems.

Risk Management & Internal Audit

Our risk management advisory services help our clients define and execute their business strategy in alignment with their overall risk appetite. Our professionals conduct holistic risk and controls assessments and provide innovative solutions to address strategic, financial reporting, credit, market and operational risks.

Accordo Analytics is an industry-leading platform that combines data science and artificial intelligence techniques to transform data into business, compliance and operational insight. Our analytics framework provides advanced modeling, data mining and information discovery services that harness data to monitor and prioritize threats, deliver operational excellence, build new products and services, comply with regulations, and meet regulatory reporting requirements. Accordo analytics framework spans across all our practices and the insights that we gain are applied to deliver real business outcomes.

Rule 4210 Compliance Certificate

Rule 4210 Compliance Certificate