Board of Advisors

Karsten Berlage

Mr. Berlage has been in the financial services industry for almost 25 years holding executive positions in investment banking and insurance. Currently, he is Global Head of Climate Risk Solutions at Allianz Risk Transfer providing clients with tailored protection against adverse weather conditions. Prior to joining Allianz, Mr. Berlage worked at UBS where he built out an insurance linked market business and structured many esoteric securitizations. Structuring transactions and issuing securities has required Mr. Berlage to adapt to constantly changing regulatory environments in various jurisdictions working closely together with industry leading compliance and legal experts. He has extensive work experience in different countries. Mr. Berlage studied Finance and Law in Konstanz, Germany and holds a MBA from Zurich University in Switzerland. He is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree at Fordham Law School specializing in Compliance Law.

Thomas Pelletier

Mr. Pelletier graduated from MIT with a degree in finance in 2005 and has spent the last thirteen years as a proprietary currency trader. Now a junior partner at Gelber Group, he has been instrumental in growing the New York office with consistent growth to risk taking and profits in G10 and Emerging Market currencies since he joined in 2007. He also makes contributions to recruiting, trader development, and technology. Prior to Gelber, Mr. Pelletier spent two years at Barclays Capital as an analyst on the FX trading desk in New York. Having seen the trading industry from both the large investment bank side and the smaller private firm side, Mr. Pelletier is cognizant of the ongoing changes to regulation and compliance.

Frank Codey

Mr. Codey is the President of The Colt Group, LLC, a financial services consulting firm based in New Jersey. He advises hedge funds, broker-dealers, banks, mutual fund companies, and other financial institutions on operations and infrastructure. Mr. Codey is also the President and Co-Founder of Financial Intellect, a provider of research tools and data to the financial services industry. Previously, he was the President of Equinox Group Distributors, a FINRA-regulated broker-dealer and the Chief Operating Officer of Equinox Fund Management, an SEC-registered RIA. Before his roles at Equinox, Mr. Codey was the Director of Operations, Funding, and Risk at Braver Stern Securities. From June 2008 to June 2009, he was an Executive Director and Product Manager of Fixed Income Securities Prime Brokerage at JP Morgan. Prior to the merger with JP Morgan in 2008, Mr. Codey spent 21 years at Bear Stearns & Co. as a Senior Managing Director and was a key architect of the firm’s fixed income prime brokerage platform specializing in mortgage and structured products. He currently serves as an Independent Trustee for the Kimberlite Investment Trust, an open-end management investment company. Mr. Codey is currently a candidate in the Master of Science in Analytics program at the Villanova School of Business at Villanova University. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Finance from the Questrom School of Business at Boston University.

Paul Karrlsson-Willis

Mr. Karrlsson-Willis has over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry holding various senior positions across all aspects of the industry. Currently, he is Managing Director of the Equity Division of Cabrera Capital Markets, where he has assembled a global trading network accessing major, emerging and frontier markets and is in the process of registering Cabrera as a 15a-6 broker dealer. Prior to Cabrera, Mr. Karrlsson-Willis was President of Marco Polo Securities and spent 23 years at Fidelity, where he built three international trading desks and created Fidelity’s retail, Advisor and correspondent International Equity offering and capabilities. Throughout his career Mr. Karrlsson-Willis has worked closely with compliance and risk as he has constructed and grown various businesses and groups, both domestically and internationally.

Douglas N. Cohen

Mr. Cohen is the general counsel of Triad Securities Corp., a full-service, agency only brokerage firm and prime brokerage services provider located in New York, New York. Prior to joining Triad, Mr. Cohen was with Lowenstein Sandler LLP in New York City. He has also been an assistant general counsel with Cantor Fitzgerald and UBS Financial Services, a trial counsel with NYSE Regulation (now FINRA), and an associate at several law firms.